When complete, the dictation voice file is sent to our completely secure, HIPAA-compliant data center located in Tampa, Florida. There it undergoes two separate processes. One process addresses the body of the dictation and gets routed for transcription. The other process deals with all the patient identification data and goes to our ADT matching application. We match ADT data differently from other companies. In the process, we achieve the highest possible ADT match rate..

ADT Matching is Performed...
ProScript’s unique ADT analysis and processing, uses a specialized computer application, with access to all prior visit data for every patient, to pre-match records.  This pre-matching optimizes the final ADT check performed by the ProScript transcriptionist.  

...And Then Transcription Begins 
After the ADT pre-matching is performed, the dictation file gets routed for transcription. The transcriptionist is able to review the pre-matched ADT information with the actual dictated demographics.  Part of the ADT validation process enables the transcriptionist to search all prior visit data for the patient, to validate the account number and date of service.

ProScript’s ADT data matching process is faster, more accurate, and more secure than any other current method. And better ADT matches contribute to lower total transcription costs for you.

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