Our document management system enables auto-faxing, document printing outside the HIS, automatic cc: distribution, and efficient document archiving. Get the document however you need it.

Also, correctly uploading documents to the HIS is an essential part of the transcription process. At ProScript, we just do it better. Our ADT matching process ensures that rejects and corrections are minimized, so we get a successful upload rate close to 100%.

Consistency and Visibility in Billing
No one likes surprises when they open their bills. In the transcription business, only ProScript spells out a clear, consistent way to compare line and character counts for every transcription.

ProScript tells clients what we are counting, and we urge HIM directors to require this of every transcription vendor. No surprises when you get your bill. We even offer a separate monthly bill backup that includes the line count and price for each report. Define what we charge for. Give you visibility into document line counts. Just one way ProScript helps give clients control over billing.

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