The ProScript system automatically routes each individual dictation file intelligently to one of three paths, depending on which path is the smartest choice for that specific dictation file.

Best Method for Every Document
Often, transcription companies focus on one method almost exclusively. Not ProScript. ProScript achieves lowest total cost for our clients by automating the process to select the best transcription method for each client and each document. Because ProScript’s transcription process is better, our clients truly benefit from the highest degree of accuracy and fastest TAT in the industry.

After the right path is chosen, ProScript’s transcription process continues to distinguish itself from older, less efficient processes. ProScript invests in the infrastructure that supports every transcription path to ensure that human effort and technology come together for the best possible end product.

The bottom line for transcription choices is:

• Special transcription and 100% edit for extremely difficult dictators 
• Normal transcription and medical editing for infrequent or difficult dictators 
• Speech recognition and draft correction as possible to optimize TAT 

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