Each transcription has a unique set of needs, turnaround time , accuracy, cost - and that requires a flexible platform that can adapt based on needs. ProScript has multiple options for transcribing a document - allowing for flexibility to fill you exact needs.

Sensible Use of Voice Recognition
Despite rapid advances in technology, today’s VR processes have several limitations. This is especially evident in a hospital medical records environment. Nonetheless, VR can often be a valuable starting point. A key element is how VR is managed.

ProScript optimizes the use of VR by applying VR models only for speakers with high levels of recognition. Other dictations are sent for manual transcription. With only the best document recognition, we rapidly process recognized files through our VR correctionists. Numerous technology enhancements make our correction process highly robust.

Dynamic Pooling for Faster TAT and Higher Quality
ProScript uses a proprietary dynamic pooling process to assign work to all our MTs. We manage every dictation with a continuously updated computer model. Our dynamic pooling process ensures that transcriptionists work primarily on two or three accounts with which they develop deep familiarity. To the maximum extent possible, they also get dictation from the same physicians, which improves document quality and TAT, since they transcribe physicians they know.

We also maintain a database of every doctor typed by every transcriptionist, all the doctors each transcriptionist has typed, and all the work types each MT is qualified to type. Combined with a real-time model of MT work hours, we have a predictive model for every hour of every work day.

Virtually all transcription companies claim they can do a better job of meeting TAT obligations but no other company has this dynamic pooling system. The predictive work model and the doctor optimization software creates consistent performance, unlike the old fashioned method of pooling by hospital or work type. It’s not just what we do; it’s how we do it.

ProScript’s transcriptionists are the most experienced, best equipped in the business – and so are our 24/7 medical editors. We require 10 years of specific experience in acute-care transcription, so they’re familiar with operative notes, consultations, H&Ps, discharge summaries, and other complex documents and terminology.

ProScript's transcription platform is the fastest in the industry, with the best MT tools. ProScript tracks work to the individual MT, a level of visibility not offered by other companies.

All Transcribed Files go through the ProScript Editing System
We understand the concerns clients may have about the quality of transcriptions they receive. And we’ve done something about it.

ProScript uses a highly sophisticated, technology driven medical editing system. Our medical editing process, unmatched in the industry, is another example of our higher standards. We guarantee that every document, regardless of how or where it is transcribed, is delivered with the same high level of quality, because every transcribed document goes through the ProScript editing process.

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